What is a Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on restoring the physiological form of teeth and dental arches that have been damaged due to tooth loss from decay, trauma, abrasion, or developmental irregularities in dental structures. Due to the lack of individual teeth, the remaining teeth may become loose or move towards the empty space, which disrupts the proper relationship between the upper and lower teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the missing teeth or dental arches in a timely manner.

What are the services in Prosthodontics?

  1. Full zirconia crown
  2. Metal-ceramic crown
  3. Skeletal, partial and total prosthesis

What is a full zirconia?

A metal-free ceramic crown represents the highest quality and most beautiful prosthodontic dental restoration. They are used in cases of single or multiple missing teeth, in both the front and side areas of the jaws. Multiple interconnected metal-free ceramic crowns can form a metal-free ceramic bridge. Excellent aesthetic effect, computer-aided precision manufacturing, reduced irritation to the palate, and high strength are all advantages of these crowns.

What is a metal-ceramic crown?

A metal-ceramic crown, as the name suggests, has a metal base with ceramic layers applied on top. The ceramic material is durable, making it a suitable material for shaping the form and achieving color perfection and harmony. Throughout the modern history of dentistry, these crowns have always been at the forefront of application. Additionally, their wider use is due to the fact that they are more established and are more frequently chosen as standard. Most crowns of this type serve as functional teeth, but they also blend aesthetically with existing teeth.