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Dr. Mr. Nabil Bolis, a Master of Oral Surgery

Dr. Mr. Nabil Bolis– completed his Dental Faculty education in Skopje in 1980 and was the first MA of Oral Surgery in 1988 at the Dental Faculty in Skopje.

In 1990, he established the dental clinic "Tereza" in Skopje, which was one of the first private dental clinics in North Macedonia. He equipped his private clinic according to the highest international standards. The expertise he gained through years of practice has been passed on to his daughter, Dr. Tereza, who independently opened a dental clinic in 2010 under the name "Luka Dent." She continues to uphold her father's vision of advancing technology and knowledge according to global standards.

Our team

Specialist Dr. Tereza Bolis-Gjurikj

specialist in Primary Dental Health Care and Orthodontics

Completed her studies at the Dental Faculty in Skopje in 2004. She is a highly qualified dentist who is friendly and compassionate towards her patients. Understanding that a dental visit can be stressful for many patients, she strives to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Dentistry is not just a job for her but a passion, and she ensures the delivery of highly effective services.

Dr. Roze Stoilovska

Dr. Roze Stoilovska - completed her studies at the Dental Faculty in Skopje in 2010. She has been with the Luka Dent clinic from its early days and is a highly professional dentist. Her approach and care for patients are based on meeting all their demands and needs while providing detailed information. She builds strong relationships with her patients and takes the time to explain dental procedures using clear and concise terms.

Specialist Dr. Mr. Olivera Terzieva-Petrovska

Orthodontics Specialist

Dr. MA Olivera Terzieva-Petrovska is a specialist in orthodontics with a master's degree in the field of oral pathology. She completed her studies at the Dental Faculty in Skopje in 2011. She is also engaged as an external collaborator at the "Goce Delcev" University in Stip, where she conducts theoretical and practical teaching for dental medicine students. Dr. Olivera is a highly skilled professional who takes the time to thoroughly understand each patient and their unique needs, ensuring the best possible dental treatment. She prepares personalized treatment plans for each patient, offering the highest level of service.

Dental Assistant Marjana Pavleska

She is a dental assistant who excels in providing excellent patient care. She warmly welcomes patients, accompanies them throughout their dental visit, and ensures a pleasant atmosphere from their arrival until their departure.

Dental Assistant Mirsada Fakic

Dental assistant with extensive experience, ensures that patients have a pleasant stay in our dental clinic.

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