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Luka Dent has been in existence since 2010, providing quality dental services to our patients.

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality dental interventions. We offer a wide range of dental services, from consultation examinations to teeth whitening, tooth treatment, and dental implant placement.

Why Luka Dent?

Each of our dentists is a top professional with years of experience in the field of dentistry.
Every procedure is performed with highest precision and care.
We guarantee painless treatment and utilize the latest technologies and equipment to solve your dental problems in the fastest and most efficient manner.
Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for our patients.
Choose Luka Dent, and you will receive the dental care you deserve.
We offer individualized solutions for every need and we can modify our services to meet your specific requirements.
At Luka Dent, we dedicate time and attention to each patient.

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A Full Range of Dental Services

Aesthetic Dentistry

Laser teeth whitening
Cleaning dental tartar
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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of irregularities in the development of the jaw and the growth of teeth...
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Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on restoring the physiological form of teeth and dental arches...
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Pediatric Dentistry

We advise all parents to bring their children for a "meet and greet" with their therapist...
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Implantology is the most advanced field in dentistry that deals with the complete reconstruction and replacement of lost teeth and...
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Digital X-ray

In order to prepare a plan for creating your new smile, we first need to analyze...
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Dr. Mr. Nabil Bolis, a Master of Oral Surgery

Dr. Mr. Nabil Bolis– completed his Dental Faculty education in Skopje in 1980 and was the first MA of Oral Surgery in 1988 at the Dental Faculty in Skopje.

In 1990, he established the dental clinic "Tereza" in Skopje, which was one of the first private dental clinics in North Macedonia. He equipped his private clinic according to the highest international standards. The expertise he gained through years of practice has been passed on to his daughter, Dr. Tereza, who independently opened a dental clinic in 2010 under the name "Luka Dent." She continues to uphold her father's vision of advancing technology and knowledge according to global standards.

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