Pediatric Dentistry - The Right Approach

We advise all parents to bring their children for a "meet and greet" with their therapist, starting from the age of 2.5-3 years when there is no need for any type of intervention. In this way, the child becomes familiar with dental practice as something interesting, pleasant, and PAINLESS. In the Luka Dent practice, during the "meet and greet" phase, parents can consult with the doctors on the best way they can help their child maintain appropriate oral hygiene. At the Luka Dent dental practice, we know how to establish communication, build trust, and develop a good relationship with our youngest patients. Most of our young patients continue to visit the practice independently without their parents and remain loyal to their dentist throughout their lives. If there is still a need for a particular therapy during the first visit, the Luka Dent practice and the team of doctors trained to work with children offer a range of maximum painless and minimally invasive methods for you and your child.

Services in pediatric dentistry:

  • Education for proper oral hygiene
  • Filling of deciduous and permanent teeth
  • Fluoridation of teeth
  • Filling and extraction of deciduous teeth